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Meet Gemstone Bio

Founded in Oct 2013 by Gamma 3 LLC in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins University, Gemstone Biotherapeutics is a Baltimore-based research and development company focused on developing innovative, high efficacy, evidence-based advanced wound care solutions.

Gemstone Bio is incubating and commercializing a portfolio of innovative wound healing technologies that target and repair the physiological deficiencies of acute and chronic wounds to heal them more rapidly and ensure they remain healed. Gemstone Bio is dedicated to developing cost-effective technologies that are rooted in science and driven by patient outcomes. By partnering with best-in-class research/clinical/commercial institutions, including Winthrop University Hospital, Johns Hopkins University, and our OEM partners, we factor in clinical realities, scale up potential, and reimbursement from inception. Our academic collaborations allow us to better understand the pathologies and physiological deficiencies of various wound types so we can develop personalized, targeted solutions as well as determine how and why our solutions work. Research demonstrates that our wound healing technologies outperform competing products in animal models.

Gemstone Bio’s Mission

• Create a first-in-class wound care biotech company that differentiates through innovation and cost.
• Commercialize innovative, regenerative medicine-based wound healing technologies
• Partner with leading institutions to discover and develop high efficacy, cost-effective wound healing products and solutions
• Leverage a complimentary set of high pedigree assets to move on a large market opportunity
• Focus on science, efficacy and patient outcomes and cost to create solutions that target the physiological deficiencies of wounds to stimulate regenerative healing.
• Develop and implement a lab-to-bedside commercialization process to seamlessly bring to market innovate wound healing technologies

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