Gemstone is excited to welcome Teresa Compton, PhD, Ronald Sherman, DPM, and Marc Dauer, MD, as members of the scientific advisory board.  Dr. Compton, former VP of Translational Medicine and Virology for Biogen Idec and former Executive Director at Novartis, brings vast expertise to Gemstone’s therapeutic development effort from years in drug development for large pharmaceutical companies.  Dr. Sherman, diabetic podiatric surgeon in the Dept. of Vascular Surgery at Johns Hopkins Medicine, has over thirty years of experience in the wound care surgery space and provides clinical insight to Gemstone’s product development.  Dr. Dauer, Medical Director of Dauer Hair Restoration, is a world-renowned leader in modern hair restoration techniques and brings over fifteen years of experience to Gemstone’s scaffold development effort for hair restoration applications and other under-served markets.

At Gemstone, we strive to cultivate relationships and partnerships with industry leaders to better inform our strategic product development efforts.  For partnerships, please don’t hesitate to contact us.