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Research - Gemstone Biotherapeutics


We are committed to developing products for dermatology applications that improve patient outcomes and provide cost savings for the health care industry.

Our current research and product development efforts target skin regeneration, hair restoration, and topical drug delivery opportunities.

Pre-FDA Scaffold Development

EMR Matrix

We are developing our EMR matrix for various dermatology applications.

Pre-IND Topical Development

Ongoing Research

Gemstone was recently awarded several research grants to evaluate our platform technologies for various unmet needs specific to skin regeneration.

Future Development

Future Development

We continue to explore the use of our products and technology platform for additional under-served markets.

Associated Publications

Issued Patents

Grants Awarded

Platform Technologies

Topical reformulation of valsartan for treatment of chronic wounds

Peter Abadir, Jeremy Walston, et. al.

Journal of Investigative Dermatology

Application of a re-purposed topical therapeutic to murine and porcine wounds significantly accelerated closure time and increased tensile strength compared to untreated wounds.  Additionally, the treated wounds exhibited higher mitochondrial activity, collagen deposition, and up-regulation of key pro-healing co-factors.

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Engineered biopolymeric scaffolds for chronic wound healing

Laura E. Dickinson and Sharon Gerecht

Frontiers in Physiology 

This review provides a brief overview of chronic wound healing and current skin substitute strategies while focusing on recent engineering approaches that regenerate skin using synthetic, biopolymeric scaffolds.

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Acellular hydrogel for regenerative burn wound healing: translation from a porcine model

Yu-I Shen, Hyun-Ho Greco Song, Sharon Gerecht, et. al. 

Journal of Investigative Dermatology

This paper outlines the development of a porcine model to third-degree burn wound healing.  The study showed that scaffold treated wounds accelerated wound healing closure rates, improved reepithelialization, and enhanced ECM remodeling compared to an untreated control in the developed burn model.  The scaffold also increased neovascularization and reinnervation within the wound site.

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Dextran hydrogel scaffolds enhance angiogenic responses and promote complete skin regeneration during burn wound healing

Guoming Sun, Sharon Gerecht, et. al. 

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 

Seminal paper on using the dextran scaffold for advanced wound healing.  The scaffold promoted dermal regeneration with complete skin appendages compared to untreated wounds in a murine model.  The scaffold facilitated early inflammatory cell infiltration, neovascularization by day 7, and a mature epithelial structure with hair follicles and sebaceous glands by day 21.

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