With 100 million chronic wound visits annually in the U.S., the wound care market will reach $20.5 billion by 2020.  This includes Advanced Wound Care (chronic wounds, burns, etc.), Surgical Wound Care (scars, acute wounds, Mohs) and Cosmetic Wound Care (hair restoration).  Current technologies are dated and show low efficacy, therefore the field has remained stagnant for more than two decades.  


Our technology is built on an exclusive IP license with Johns Hopkins University, and comprises a unique mix of innovative products and techniques with a wide-range of regenerative medicine application, especially in the field of wound care.

EMR Scaffold

EMR Scaffold

Filling a void in dermatology.

Our EMR polymer scaffold provides a three-dimensional structure that simulates the native cell environment and extracellular matrix. Our preclinical data shows that EMR activates regenerative mechanotransduction and modulates the inflammatory response during healing.

EMR Pipeline

A platform technology for skin regeneration

Our scaffolds are highly tunable and can be tailored for specific wound healing applications. We have developed flexible and scalable manufacturing methods for easy incorporation of active ingredients including therapeutics, cells and growth factors. We are able to rapidly prototype new products for continuous scaffold evolution.

Topical Therapeutic

Harness Our Technology

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